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Half friends/half public

In the interest of keeping my personal life (not interesting) separate from my cooking life (vaguely interesting) I'm going to start keeping personal entries friends only, and cooking entries public. So if you'd like to view just my cooking entries, friend me, but if for some unfathomable reason you want to read about my personal life (Art school, lesbian drama, relationship collapses, and taking care of small feral children) comment here/message me, and I will add you back. If you just came here originally for the Vegan Food Porns, feel free to chop me from your F-list. I promise I wont be offended (or show up at your doorstep with a hatchet).
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Pizza pizza pizza!

Ha-ha! Two food posts in one day?! After months and months of NOTHINGSNESS?! Aren't you lucky :)

My taste buds came back! I made pizza! The world was good again :)

Vegetable pizza with; tomato paste, mixed herbs, roasted garlic, pineapple, home-grown cherry tomatoes, zuchini, onion, mushrooms and jalapenos.

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oh em gee. food post!

I'd been sitting in front of the computer sick all day, and it got to the point where I couldn't stand it any longer. I gathered whatever strength I could dig up, dragged myself to the kitchen and distracted myself in the most delicious way possible.

Not, of course, that I can taste my delicious work with this hell-sent blocked nose.


Vegan peach and coconut muffins.
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... what?!

What is this? A food post? Fo 'rizzle? No! It can't be! Surely you jest!

No, kind, dear readers.. I do not jest! Your eyes are not deceiving you! 

In a matter of hours, I will be giving a speech to my Art History class, and of course.. I chose to do it on cupcakes. So; to go along with my (pretty awesome) speech I've cooked up, I baked a double batch of ultra-scrummy cuppers to hand out during. (Yes, so they're all too busy munching away to pay any attention to me. Woohoo... pressure = gone. :D)

So, dahlings, here they are. (nestled in my speccy cupcake tier)

Vegan Chocolate cherry cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and glace cherries.

And a cut for a picture of them lined up in a box ready to travel on the train. 
Collapse )


For those of you wondering how it went.. I got an A grade, at 85%. BUT, the teacher kindly told me afterwards that it would have been an A+ and a 95% if I hadn't have presented it two weeks late.

Yeah. I know, I know. I'm just *that* awesome.

(I also had enough cupcakes leftover to give the nice ladies at the office one each, left two out on the bench for Bianca when she gets home from work, AND, one last extra special one for Tim, as a thankyou for lending me his Memory Stick so I could actually do my speech! Perfect.)

And I forgot to explain! The reason for my lack of vegan food posts is because of the fact I broke up with my girlfriend, and so have moved out and now I am very poor and very busy and very lazy, and sad most of the time. It will get better, I promise! I'll be back to my old vegan cooking ways before you know it ;)
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I'm a tart (maker).

Ruth is forever saddened everytime we walk down the cookie aisle and she passes by her old favourite (non-vegan) cookie; Jam tarlets. With this heart-breakingly forlorn look upon her face. Well, we can't have that now, can we? I had a day off today (finally!), and got around to some very well deserved baking. 

Vegan jam tarlets with organic strawberry jam (omfg; best jam evaaaaar.)

And; vegan custard tarts with cinnamon.
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white chocolate and macadamia DISKS OF YUM.

So everything is done+handed in, and I've been marked off for it all. Oh. Except my theory questions. Which I haven't done. Whoops. I was so freakin stressed+emotional+dying from cramps yesterday that when I finally found Selga so I could hand my things in, I just burst into tears. That was fun. 

Chicken-bum was demanding more peanut butter cookies this morning, but I had a 1/4 block of vegan white chocolate calling out to me from the cupboard, demanding I use it for cooking. (Note: I brought the block to use in cookies originally. I/Chicken-bum/Hayley, have just eaten 3/4 from the packet.)

So I used it I did! (You don't think she'll be TOO disappointed about the lack of peanut butter cookies, do you?)

Vegan white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. 

(P.S: I'm almost officially on holidays! Stay tuned for actual food posts!)

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me = FAIL

I didn't go to my Graphics class this morning for the SOLE reason that I was going to spend the morning baking cupcakes + decorating them so I would have more examples of my cuppers to give to Jess's friend this afternoon at work. Well, that went down the drain because I have apparently lost my keycard and therefore me = money-less, so I couldn't go to the shops for supplies. I managed to squeeze out a set of plain vanilla ones and decorated them two different ways. And I had such plans! Mocha cuppers, cherry cuppers, mint+chocolate, rainbow cuppers! *fail*

Vanilla cuppers with sugar decorations. (I wish you could see the pattypans better, they're so cute.)

Vanilla cuppers with purple vanilla icing and edible glitter. (can anyone say "OMFG, Dora the Explorer cupcake liners?!")
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Inddiiiaaannnzzz fuds!

I decided this morning that I'm going to start making cupcakes to order. Set up a website, chuck up some pictures, then make them as orders come in (Just perth based.) Eventually I hope to open an actual store. Small, just enough room for a counter, and a small kitchen for baking out the back. Perhaps in Subiaco, where they have too much money, and not enough to do with it. ANYWAY; funny story, I was telling Jess at work about it and she told me that her friend was looking to get a cupcake tier done for her 21st. She said she'd pass it on to her friend that I could do it. How exciting! I could have my first order already :D :D

No classes today, so I was able to spend more time than usual preparing dinner. Joyous!

Red lentil dahl, with tandoori "chicken" skewers, homemade freshly baked naan, and steamed rice.